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Where there are two articles referred to for one subject, both should be read.

General subject, Title


Committees and all that …
Dichotomy between Committees
Committees – Incorporated Associations
Committees – Body Corporate Committees
Does your Village have a Residents’ Committee?
Establishment of a Residents’ Committee
Voting to elect Residents’ Committee
Residents’ Committees and their Responsibilities
Residents’ Committees
Committees – Social Committees
Liquor Licences


Dispute Resolution - procedures

Exiting Village

Act Amendments … pro rata calculations
Check-List … Departing Freehold Villages
Check-List … Leasehold and Loan/Licence Villages
Costs of Sale – specific to unit
Costs of Sale s.68 – need for receipts
Responsibility: Reinst. Costs: Leasehld, Loan/Licence


Annual Financial Statements, Annual Meeting
Classification of Expenditure Guidelines
Classification of Facilities
Financial Documentation – access to

Finance, Budgets

Budget Comparators & GSC Increases above CPI (includes total of general services charges and budget to budget, not budget to actual)
RV Act Section106 … budget to budget
Budget Time: Is yours Compliant with the RV Act?
Budget time – does yours comply…
Carry-forward of Budget Surpluses and Deficits
Legal Expenses
MRF – Why the CPI Cap?
Serviced Apartments – included in GS Budget

GS Charges

Electronic payment of GS fees
Direct Debit
Emergency Services Levy Increase
GS Fees Survey Result
Local Council Pensioner Rates Subsidy


Check your policy
Insurance – sub-committee
Insurance Subrogation
Solar Installations – a can of worms!
Double Insurance


Estate Planning Document
Have you put your house in order? (includes Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Health Directive, Will, Public Trustee, Exit Entitlement)
Scheme Operators, Residents and Probate
Making a Bequest to the ARQRV

Residence Contract

Committees – Type of Tenure
Let us Walk you through your PID
Solar Panels – Insurance, Warranties, Cleaning
Village By-Laws

Residents’ Constitutions

Village Residents’ Constitutions

Residents’ Meetings

Voting – abstaining voters
Guidelines for Special Resolution Meetings

Village Life

Bullying and Intimidation
Mail Boxes/Letter-Box Drops; Junk Mail
Security in Your Home
Use of Village Facilities – by Operator
Capital Improvements Requested by Residents